Customer Segmentation Visualization with Paraview

by. Jongwon Lee | 194 Views (121 Uniq Views) | over 2 years ago
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Term Paper for Scientific Visualization ENGR-E584, Indiana University
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We describe a series of trials on visualizing information data on Paraview which is mainly used for scientific visualization of 3D objects such as geographic, microscopic, architectural, etc. With Information Visualizations done in 3D space, we aim to derive insights focusing on determining which factors are significant on the topic of customer segmentation. According to the analysis of visualization, we found Ever_Married, Age, Graduated, Profession, and Spending_Score were significant for customer segmentation, and Gender, Work_Experience, and Family_Size were less significant. In addition, we identify challenges related to limited data types, exporting axis and legends, and displaying the visualization with interactivity.